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Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein ( 3. februar 1874. - 27. juli 1946.) američka pjesnikinja, spisateljica i feministkinja. Većinu života provela u Parizu. Pisala je avangardnu poeziju koja je naginjala kubizmu. Kako je bila lezbijka, neki su skloni u njezinim tekstovima vidjeti i queer momente, iako Stein svoje seksualno opredjeljenje nije eksplicitno iskazivala djelima. Njezino najpoznatije djelo je Tender Buttons koje se sastoji od tri dijela: objekata, hrane i soba. [b]A MOUNTED UMBRELLA[/b] WHAT was the use of not leaving it there where it would hang what was the use if there was no chance of ever seeing it come there and show that it was handsome and right in the way it showed it. The lesson is to learn that it does show it, that it shows it and that nothing, that there is nothing, that there is no more to do about it and just so much more is there plenty of reason for making an exchange. [b]SUSIE ASADO[/b] Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea. Susie Asado. Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea. Susie Asado. Susie Asado which is a told tray sure. A lean on the shoe this means slips slips hers. When the ancient light grey is clean it is yellow, it is a silver seller. This is a please this is a please there are the saids to jelly. These are the wets these say the sets to leave a crown to Incy. Incy is short of incubus. A pot. A pot is a beginning of a rare bit of trees. Trees tremble, the old vats are in bobbles, bobbles which shade and shove and render clean, render clean must. Drink pups. Drink pups drink pups lease a sash hold, see it shine and a bobolink has pins. It shows a nail. What is a nail. A nail is unison. Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea. više klikom na: [url=][color=Red]the world of gertrude stein[/color][/url] [url=][color=Red]gertrude stein online[/color][/url] [url=][color=Red]intervju sa gertrudom stein[/color][/url]

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